Aims & Objectives of the istitution

The General aim of Shivam International School is to build up strong character and personality of young students. A special concern of Shivam International School is with the intellectual development. We believe that the acquisition of knowledge, deepening of understanding and sharing the accuracy of ones judgement are fundamental is promoting/forming one's life to desirable goals. In the prospect of the National goals of education the school shall promote National and cultural integrations by broadening the outlook of the students by fastening a feeling of oneness, partotisrn and pride in their cultural heritage and spirit of tolerance, so that communal of caste interests are submerged in the larger interest of the Nation. The school aims at providing the structure and discipline which are considered necessary for development during initial years. Consciousness regarding the importance of sound health in the development of human personality, the school lays emphasis on physical education programme by promoting sports, games, drill and extra curricular activities.

In short, we strive at developing in our students all those qualities and which will make the man of honour of humanity and blessing to them should come in contact as friends, leaders and future citizens of India.



SHIVAM EDUCATIONAL HEALTH AND CHARITABLE TRUST (SEHCT) is working to design, a unique educational programme for the school boys upto +2 level. The programme includes the designing of a curriculum for a school with a vision. Detailed evaluation and improvement are made year after year in the curriculum. This had made imperative for us to devise the most effective method for implementation of the requirements of the curriculum. Effective utilization of time available during an academic year has always been a matter of concern. There is a need to maintain a balance between extra curricular activities and academic work.

SEHCT study plans for each subject consisting of assignments to be completed by the student, which are meant to monitor the academic progress of the student. Teachers are committed to develop a communication skill for a better interaction with the students and also to appraise them with the latest method of Pedagogue.